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Our Science

“You wouldn’t ignore bleeding from your eye, so why would you ignore bleeding from your mouth?”


Professor Maurizio Tonetti

Executive Director of the European Research group on Periodontology

The mouth is the gateway to your body.

Our mouth is the primary gateway to our body, serving as the first line of defense against pathogens or, in cases of poor oral health, opening the floodgates to infection and inflammation throughout the body. Many of us continue to treat oral health as an afterthought however lacking the visibility to prevent disease.

Through our at home saliva test, range of personalised insights, recommendations, and products, our aim is to provide everyone with the tools they need to improve their oral and systemic health.

Professor John Deanfield, CBE Chief Medical Officer, MAB at Floe

Saliva as a window into overall health.

By measuring the level of certain proteins produced by the immune system, our proprietary biomarker panels serve as a window into oral and systemic inflammation in a way that cannot be achieved through bacterial DNA sequencing.  By measuring your body’s inflammatory response – and not just the presence of bacteria – we are able to detect the onset of disease earlier.

Oral inflammation

These markers predict the onset of gum inflammation, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Cavity prediction

These markers predict the onset of dental caries and dissolution of tooth mineral.

Bacterial activity

These markers are produced as a result of bacterial presence and can therefore serve as a proxy for the activity.

Systemic markers

These markers detect inflammation in other parts of the body induced by local inflammation in the mouth.

Receive personalised recommendations across oral care, diet, lifestyle, and required dental intervention to invest in your long term health.

How it works

4 simple steps

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Order online.

Take control of your health and receive a saliva test delivered through your letterbox.

Complete the test.

Register your kit and carry out a simple 2 min saliva collection at home.

Post back to Floe.

Post back to us using the pre-paid returns envelope and drop into a normal mail letterbox.

Get results online.

Samples arrive at our lab within 48 hours. Results are shared on your dashboard within 10 days.

AI-driven data analysis

We use machine learning to combine multi-dimensional patient datasets and forecast the likelihood of oral care diseases and their impact on the rest of the body.

Our approach combines saliva samples, questionnaire data, and clinical records within a machine learning environment in order to refine the risk-monitoring of oral & systemic diseases. We’re working with leading clinicians around the world to turn saliva into a window for human health.

Our studies

We are collaborating with dental clinics in the UK, Spain, and  the US to build the largest observational study in salivary bioscience, better understand the links between oral health and systemic diseases, and provide a new system of preventative care.

Our partners

“If you imagine the bloodstream as a train, it will take passengers on – like bacteria in the mouth – and it will go everywhere around the body. Some will get off in the brain, some in the artery walls, some in the pancreas or the liver.”


Sim K Singhrao

University of Central Lancashire

Interested in joining? Please get in touch with our Dental Partnerships Manager, Dr Khad Shah. 
Dental Partnerships Manager

Medical Advisory Board

Prof. Mariano Sanz

University Complutense 
of Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Jose Navarro

New York University

Prof. Francesco D’Aiuto

University College London (UK)

Prof. John Deanfield CBE

University College London (UK)

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