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“We now understand the big impact oral health can have on important diseases in the rest of the body. This underpins a new opportunity to benefit from a change in approach to oral health”


Professor John Deanfield, CBE

University College London (UK)

A new comprehensive system for oral care management

We’re on a mission to shift consumers from a reactive to a preventative approach to oral care that will avert serious problems later in life.

Join our dental community to be part of the pilot scheme for our salivary diagnostics test; by empowering patients and clinicians with better visibility we want to put prevention at the forefront of everyday oral care.

With clear, tangible benefits


Salivary diagnostics

By measuring the level of certain proteins produced by the immune system our proprietary biomarker panels serve as a window into oral and systemic inflammation.


Improved Clinical Care

Enhance clinical care with advanced detection, remote monitoring, and accurate benchmarking of required care and advice.

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Comprehensive Subscription Plans

Sonic toothbrushes made from oxidised aluminum, morning and evening fluoride  toothpastes, charcoal floss. Offer an effective oral care routine to your patients.

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Free Recycling Program

All of our products come with a pre-paid returns label to be sent back to Floe. We’ll take care of the rest and ensure they’re correctly recycled and turned into new products.

Help us shape the future of dentistry

We’re using an at-home saliva  test to analyse the level of proteins produced by the immune system to serve as a window into the risk of gum disease, cavities, bacterial infection, and associated systemic inflammation. Improve your level of clinical care, remotely monitor patients, and detect disease early.


Become an exclusive research  partner

We’re partnering with 10 clinics in the UK for our pilot scheme. Help us shape the development of advanced detection and remote patient monitoring to improve oral care outcomes across the country.

Stay up to date and involved with the latest scientific research from Floe.

“Floe uniquely empowers both patients and dental professionals whilst focusing on their mission to prioritise oral health.”

Join our dental community

Join the floe dental community to help us shape the future of oral care – health starts with your mouth.


Proud sponsors of the British Dentists FC.


“We want to involve you, the dental professional, to help us shape the future of oral healthcare. To that end, we are offering you the opportunity to partner with Floe and gain early access to our diagnostic test, in order to maximise the value it will add to you as a clinician. I look forward to hearing from you!”

Dr Khad Shah, Dental Partnerships Manager

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