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Are your teeth and gum problems caused by stress?

July 21, 2021 0 min read

Since the beginning of Covid-19, 65% of Adults in the UK have openly admitted that they are stressed. This is something that we often avoid talking about, or sometimes don’t even realise ourselves, but it’s definitely worth acknowledging. Stress and oral health have a strong link as well.
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Are oral health issues genetic?

July 14, 2021 0 min read

While many aspects of our appearance and personality are handed down to us by our parents, unfortunately health issues can be passed on too.. Did you know, for instance, that there are a number of conditions related to oral health that can run in the family? That’s right, dental issues can be genetic.
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The dangers of at-home teeth aligners

July 06, 2021 0 min read

At-home teeth aligners are very popular because they are the cheaper alternative to invisalign and are less hassle than braces, not to mention a whole lot cheaper. However, they don’t come without their problems. Read on to learn all of the potential risks that at-home aligners can bring before you order yours.
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Big presentation at work? Here's how to prepare yourself mentally and physically

June 22, 2021 0 min read

While some people relish the feeling of getting ready for a big presentation, for others it doesn’t come naturally. If the mere thought of standing up and presenting to an audience fills you with nerves, you’ll need some strategies to ensure you feel calm and prepared when the big day comes.
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Dress for success: simple ways for men to look more put together

June 16, 2021 0 min read

Even for those of us who like to lay out their clothes the night before, there will still be days when we just aren’t motivated enough to look our best. This article is aimed to help all of the Men out there who are stuck on how to dress. We’ve come up with 5 easy tips on how to look more put together.

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What you need for positive vibes post lockdown (21st June - end of lockdown)

June 07, 2021 0 min read

After months of the UK slowly creeping through new COVID-19 phases with fewer and fewer restrictions, we can finally say that the end of all restrictions is coming up (fingers crossed!). When the time finally comes to be able to travel again, or even just to socialise in the way we knew and loved, you want to make sure that you're in the best form you can be.
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How to be active on social issues away from social media

May 27, 2021 0 min read

Social issues can make you feel overwhelmed because they are so vast and may feel impossible to tackle. But how do you get involved with social issues you care about outside of social media? If you’re not on social media, or if you feel you want to do more to help these causes in practice, you can often make the biggest difference by helping in real life. 
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Zero Waste Bathroom: 5 sustainable bathroom brands to get you summer-ready

May 17, 2021 0 min read

Bathroom products contain a huge amount of plastic and it’s very common for people to overlook their carbon footprint when it comes to this particular room. From washing to beauty to personal care, your bathroom routine is sure to create an enormous amount of plastic waste. That’s why we’ve created our top 5 guide to the best sustainable bathroom brands to try out.
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How to deal with low motivation

May 10, 2021 0 min read

After a nightmare 2020 and a rough first half to 2021, it’s no wonder we all want a break. Despite a slow return to normality after months of restrictions, many of us are suffering from a lack of motivation - at work, at home and socially.
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Body changes to look out for after turning 30

April 28, 2021 0 min read

If the big 30 seems to be creeping closer and closer, you may be wondering what’s next. We all know that hitting 30, for many, is the time we start to notice more significant changes to our body. Here, we take a look at what exactly those changes might look like for you and why they’re nothing to be alarmed about.
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Simple ways to care for the environment when you’re on a budget (Earth Day)

April 20, 2021 0 min read

Being good caretakers of the Earth is not difficult and it certainly doesn’t have to cost much or steal too much time. Here are four easy ways to care for the environment that don’t require a huge amount of time or money. 
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Subscription models to turn your house into a home

April 15, 2021 0 min read

A sense of newness may hover for weeks or even months after you move into your new home. One way to fix this is by filling your new home with items you really love by signing up to some great subscriptions. 
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