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Why isn’t your mouth as healthy as your body?

October 16, 2020

The business of fitness has never been bigger – especially among young adults, who are investing hugely in their overall health. In fact, millennials make up 80% of health club members. Meanwhile, 50% of Londoners say they see a gym membership as an investment, and 43% say their membership is integral to their wellbeing.

More people than ever are committed to maintaining high levels of physical fitness. But unfortunately, our oral health is suffering due to the lifestyle choices that come along with intense training and exercise programmes.

For those of us who are obsessed with maximising our health and fitness, such a difference between a healthy body and an unhealthy mouth just doesn’t sit well. Read on to find out how you can attain the same high standards for your oral health as you have for the rest of your fitness.

The oral health of fitness fanatics is suffering

A UCL study on the oral health of elite athletes found that 49% of those surveyed had untreated tooth decay – whereas just 27% of adults on average do. This is down to:

  • High consumption of sugary sports drinks, gels and bars – this leads to tooth decay and cavities.
  • The ‘dry mouth’ effect from high intensity exercise – a lack of saliva hinders the mouth’s ability to fight bacteria.
  • High carbohydrate intake – this can cause inflammation of the gums and periodontal disease.

All of these factors apply to amateur athletes and gym-goers as well – meaning millions of us could be more vulnerable to tooth decay, enamel erosion and gum disease. And with the backlog of dental appointments caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there could be a ticking time bomb of bad oral health.

People that are passionate about fitness are more motivated to look after their entire body – their mouth included. The problem is that the link between high-intensity exercise and an unhealthy mouth isn’t widely understood. But once you know the risks, you can begin to make positive changes.

Raising your oral health to the level of your physical health with Floe

Just as gym-goers and amateur athletes need to balance their training regimes, it’s vital they balance their oral health by creating positive habits that become reinforced over time. The negative impact that a fitness-focused lifestyle might have on your mouth can be offset by being just as dedicated to a thorough oral care routine.

Fitness conscious people are more likely to be attentive to their oral health – but they need to ensure they’re caring for their mouth in the right way. So while brushing twice a day might be a given, being sure to use fluoride toothpaste, replacing your brush regularly and flossing daily takes more effort to turn into second nature.

Floe’s subscription box will help you get there. Every three months like clockwork, we’ll deliver:

  • A brand new Curaprox brush  created to remove plaque more effectively.
  • Dawn and Dusk toothpastes – suited to the needs of your mouth in the morning and evening.
  • Activated charcoal natural floss – made from bamboo charcoal fibres.

All you need to do is receive your new box and give us back your old brushes and packaging. Let us take care of your oral care routine so you can concentrate on your fitness and performance.

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