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Why do we have two toothpastes in our subscription boxes?

August 17, 2020

Variety is the spice of life. But for your oral health, it’s vital. For your oral health, your teeth need extra help to keep healthy. First, you need strong enamel to keep your teeth white and shiny. You also need to brush away plaque to prevent cavities. Two goals mean two toothpastes are optimal for a healthy oral care routine.

A buildup of plaque causes cavities. The best way to remove plaque is by brushing twice daily, for up to two minutes. Those two minutes can seem like an age when you’re itching to get on with your day, or when you’re already half asleep. It’s vital you have a toothpaste you enjoy using to keep to your routine.

Using the same toothpaste day in, day out is boring. It can be equally damaging, too. If you use whitening products every day, they can damage your enamel. Using one toothpaste for whitening and another for cavity prevention means you won’t be overloading on whitening agents.

Many toothpastes on the market contain abrasive particles that scratch away at your enamel. This is 100% preventable! At night time in particular, these particles travel around your teeth, which can do damage over time.

At night time, you’re not using your mouth as much. This is prime time for cavity-causing bacteria, so your mouth needs extra protection. That’s why we’ve created two toothpastes that are formulated for use in the morning and evening.


Our whitening morning toothpaste provides an energising start to the day by using:

  • A fluoride base mixed with stevia (rather than artificial sweeteners)
  • Hydrated silica particles
  • Whitening papaya enzymes
  • Natural peppermint flavouring to provide an energising kick to your morning


Our evening toothpaste – Dusk – helps protect and remineralise your teeth as you sleep. It is formulated with:

  • A higher fluoride content.
  • Blended with coconut oils to protect and strengthen your enamel.
  • It also contains a high concentration of hydroxyapatite – the main ingredient of tooth and bone – which acts as the main anti-cavity agent.
  • Soothing lavender to help you drift off to sleep.

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