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What you need for positive vibes post lockdown (21st June – end of lockdown)

June 07, 2021

After months of the UK slowly creeping through new COVID-19 phases with fewer and fewer restrictions, we can finally say that the end of all restrictions is coming up (fingers crossed!). When the time finally comes to be able to travel again, or even just to socialise in the way we knew and loved, you want to make sure that you’re in the best form you can be.

  • Firstly, go at your own pace -It might be tempting to make lots of plans and say yes to everything, but there’s really no rush. Only do what is comfortable for you and take it day by day to ease back into normality.
  • Attending a yoga or exercise class – Working out at home hasn’t been quite the same and attending a class with other people is something many of us have missed. While it’s a great way to stay healthy, it’s also a nice way to treat your body.
  • Book appointments that you have been missing – There’s lots of appointments to be catching up on from cervical screenings and getting your eyes tested to going to the dentist. Remember, these are also forms of self-care and things that might have been neglected during lockdown.
  • Book a manicure – Everyone’s hands are looking like paper bags from all of the hand washing so now would be a good time to give them some TLC by polishing those nails.
  • Fill your social calendar when you’re ready -Making plans can really help take your mind off the uncertainty around us. Setting milestones in the form of events or social gatherings can help us feel more comfortable because it puts us in control of what we are doing.
  • Focus on the present – It’s easy to get caught up in worrying about the past and what’s yet to come, especially when there is a lot of change happening. Try shifting your focus to the present; make plans but aim not to dwell on ‘“what ifs’’ or what was supposed to happen. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises are good ways to help with this.

It’s important we remind ourselves that COVID-19 has been hard on all of us, and we are all experiencing different emotions about exiting lockdown. Positive change can lead to anxiety just as much as the negatives can so it will take some time to re-adjust. Post-lockdown anxiety will pass over time as we get used to a return to normality, but it is important to take care of our mental health in the meantime.

How to look after your teeth post-lockdown

Taking care of your teeth is especially important after the year we have had, and now it’s time to play catch up with your dentist. As well as booking a dentist appointment for a check up, make sure you have the right tools for your oral health care regime.

Floe sends you everything you need for the perfect routine, straight to your door every three months. Our subscription box includes:

  • Dawn toothpaste -designed for morning brightening using natural ingredients that are kind to your enamel.
  • Dusk toothpaste – suited to the needs of your mouth in the evening.
  • A brand new Curaprox brush -with over 5000 soft bristles, it’s easy to remove plaque more effectively.
  • Activated charcoal natural floss – made from bamboo charcoal fibres – it’s effective flossing at a price that doesn’t cost the earth.

As we enter an exciting new chapter, make sure one thing you take into the post-lockdown world is a new and improved oral health care routine. Make Floe a small, but extremely important, part of a wonderful end to 2021 and beyond.

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