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What is habit formation?

August 17, 2020

A habit is simply a behaviour that is performed regularly and often without even thinking. Habits can have a profound effect on our lifestyle and health in particular – with bad habits often explaining why we can find it so difficult to be as healthy as we want to be. The good news however is that through repetition, it is possible to form and maintain good habits.

Oral healthcare habits

Oral healthcare is a prime example of an area where habit-formation is all-important. For instance, if we slip into bad habits like only brushing once a day, not taking care to brush our entire mouth or only replacing our toothbrush once a year, we can set ourselves on the path to tooth decay and gum disease. Good habits like brushing twice a day, swapping out our brush every three months and flossing daily prevent and can even reverse some of these ill effects.

The kind of behaviour change required to form good habits can be tough. That’s why Floe operates on a subscription basis, so that maintaining a healthy habit like replacing your toothbrush head every three months becomes automatic. This format automates the repetition and generates health benefits that will positively compound. We give you all the tools to build a strong oral healthcare routine, then it’s over to you.

Sustainable habits

Recycling also requires the power of habit. Factors like cost, time, and inconvenience can all make this challenging to maintain, even with the best of intentions. That’s why we’ve designed our boxes to fit through letter boxes so that you can send your used products back to us – free of charge – to be correctly recycled. Brushing your teeth is for most of us an automated behaviour. By removing barriers towards cost and inconvenience, we want to make recycling oral care products an automated process too, and play our part in protecting the health of the planet and the adoption of a fully circular economy.

Learn more about how Floe is committed to maintaining 100% sustainability with the recycling of our products and packaging.

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