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Subscription models to turn your house into a home

April 15, 2021

Whether your home is an old family house or a modern studio apartment, it’s where the heart is. It’s your favourite memories and favourite items that bring warmth into a home.

When you move into a new house, it won’t really feel like home straight away. Your furniture will be in the rooms, yet the place won’t feel like yours. You won’t have any memories or emotions associated with your new surroundings, or have discovered any favourite spots or personal havens.

This sense of newness may hover for weeks or even months after the move to your new house. But one way you can help get rid of it is by filling your new home with items you really love by signing up to some great subscriptions. Not only do subscription models provide convenience (items delivered directly to your door), the recurring pricing is more manageable, allowing expenses to be better budgeted.

Offering a unique way to discover new favourites or fall back in love with classics you already know well, these subscriptions are a sure-fire way to help fend off ‘new house strangeness’ and get you excited about receiving something a little different.

Subscription models for your home

  • If you’re the green-fingered type, pot plant subscription service Bloombox Club might be just the thing for you. What could be better than a new plant every month to replace the one you might have accidentally neglected.
  • Delivered through your door every 3 months, Floe’s oral care subscription is everything you need for the perfect oral care routine. Featuring floss, a toothbrush, and two tubes of toothpaste – all without costing the earth. And what’s best, Floe adheres to a circular model, encouraging you to send your used products back so they can be correctly recycled and turned into new products.
  • Perfect for anyone who is looking to eat more vegetables, Abel & Cole is a food delivery subscription box service that delivers high-quality, organic produce directly to your door on a weekly basis.
  • If you use an Original Nespresso machine, this is a subscription box for you. Grind deliver you 30 pods each month in a blend of your choice (house, black or decaf), all of which are compostable, vegan and organic, while of course being compatible with the Original machines.
  • Everyone loves brownies, and what better pick me up after a long, hard year than a fresh batch of brownies delivered directly to your door. Hackney-based bakery, Cake or Death, has started producing letterbox brownies that are not only delicious, but completely vegan.
  • Post Book’d delivers to books a month, spotlighting black and minority ethnic writers who are both up and coming and established favourites. Even better that 15 percent of every monthly subscription is donated towards organisations, charities and community groups.

Ensure your overall health and well-being is taken care of with Floe’s subscription box

At Floe, our subscription box is designed to help you build the perfect oral care routine. We do this by ensuring you never run out of the tools you need to take care of your teeth and gums by delivering top-ups every three months.Our subscription box features:

  • A brand new Curaprox brush. With exactly 5460 bristles, it’s the best manual brush of 2020according to Electric Teeth.
  • Two toothpastes designed for morning and evening brushing. Our Dawn paste actively whitens your teeth while our Dusk paste fights decay.
  • Natural activated charcoal floss. To help you clear food debris from between your teeth where it does unseen damage.

That’s your oral care routine taken care of – one less thing to worry about when moving into a new home.

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