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Simple ways to care for the environment when you’re on a budget (Earth Day)

April 20, 2021

We all want to do our part to help the environment because, at the end of the day, there’s only one planet Earth. That said, going green can be an intimidating thought for those just starting to figure it out. Common suggestions for how to take care of the Earth often require an incredible amount of time, energy and money. For instance, most people can’t afford to replace their perfectly working car for a brand new hybrid or instal solar panels that require serious renovations on their house.

It’s no wonder that many give up and assume that they’re not suited to the eco-lifestyle when faced with such costly recommendations for helping the environment. But being good caretakers of the Earth is not difficult and it certainly doesn’t have to cost much or steal too much time. Here are four easy ways to care for the environment that don’t require a huge amount of time or money.

  • Recycle

Even though recycling is such a simple thing to do, not everyone does it. Everyone now has access to recycling services, so checking what you can and can’t recycle with your local council is a good start. All you need to do is get a recycling bin, and fill it with recyclable rubbish. Another idea is checking if you have a coffee machine, how about checking if your brand has a recycling programme so that you can make sure your used capsules are turned into new products.

  • Avoid waste

Recycling helps the environment a great deal, but it is even better to not use more than is necessary in the first place. Try to use nothing more than what is needed for everyday activities.

Anyone who wants to look after the environment should steer clear of food waste. Buy only what will be eaten before it expires, and keep the food that needs to be eaten first toward the front of the fridge. This will remind you what you have remaining. Planning your meals carefully is also a good way of knowing exactly what you need to buy at the supermarket.

  • Avoid using cars, or carpool when possible

Cars and their emissions are harmful to the environment – this we all know. Taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bike to class are better options that help the environment and your budget, as well as allowing you to get some exercise in.

  • Keeping up with your House

Did you know that keeping your home maintained can help the environment as well as keeping you on top of your bills? Heating makes up of nearly half of all of the energy consumption alone. Making your house more energy-efficient (e.g. sealing up cracks around your windows and insulating your roof) can go a long way toward making it greener. To save water, don’t leave the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth and fix leaky faucets, dripping shower heads and running toilets. If a leak is left alone for too along, it can lead to the waste of dozens of gallons of water.

You might wonder if these tiny steps will make much of a difference to the environment – but imagine how different the world could look if everyone followed these little steps. Being kind to the environment really doesn’t have to be a big financial move. Putting paper in the recycling bin and turning off the lights every time you leave the room can make a huge difference in the long run.

Protecting the earth with Floe

Another idea on how to be green is to find a way to recycle your plastic brush outside the confines of household recycling. And you don’t need to switch to a bamboo toothbrush because Floe will recycle your old toothbrush, as well as your toothpaste tubes for you.

What makes Floe different is our commitment to sustainable products that can be recycled simply, meaning nothing we send you has to end up in landfill:

  • Every time we deliver your new subscription box, we’ll take your old brush away, and send it off to our specialist recycling partners.
  • Our toothpaste tubes are made from natural materials rather than the more standard petroleum.
  • Our biodegradable & vegan-friendly bamboo charcoal fibres are delivered in a glass jar making them reusable.

A subscription to Floe is a ticket to a better oral care routine and a guarantee of sustainability. Being kind to the planet as well as improving your oral health is at the heart of our mission.

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