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Body changes to look out for after turning 30

April 28, 2021

If the big 30 seems to be creeping closer and closer, you may be wondering what’s next. We all know that hitting 30, for many, is the time we start to notice more significant changes to our body. Here, we take a look at what exactly those changes might look like for you and why they’re nothing to be alarmed about.

Oral care problems

As people get older, oral health becomes more important as this age bracket becomes more prone to dental problems. Darkened teeth is a common one which is caused by food and drink. However, this should always be checked out by your dentist as a darkened tooth could signal a bigger problem.

Another oral care problem is root decay and gum disease. This is caused by the root being exposed to decay-causing acids as the gum recedes from the teeth. Gum disease can be caused by plaque and can also be caused by poor dental hygiene.

A good oral hygiene routine can prevent most oral care problems such gum disease. To maintain your pearly whites and ensure good oral health, just remember to brush twice a day, floss regularly and cut down on those sugary treats.

Slowing metabolism

This may very well be the most common change to your body after turning 30, but it is still one worth noting nevertheless. As we welcome our 30s, many of us find it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. This makes eating a balanced diet and getting an appropriate amount of exercise even more important.

Joint pain

If you’re starting to wake up in the morning feeling extra stiff from the workout you did yesterday, you may be experiencing the beginning of joint pain. A lot of the time, joint pain involves inflammation caused by injury or overuse. As long as we allow our bodies the rest it needs to recover, along with an overall healthy lifestyle, then the inflammation will heal, but this often becomes harder as we get older.


We all know at some point they are going to appear – but using a basic moisturiser every day has the power to keep our skin healthy and supple. And by making sure to wear sunscreen when the weather requires, we can continue to enjoy beach days without worrying about wrinkles.

Fertility Concerns

While many women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies past the age of 35,additional health risks are more likely to occur for pregnant women in their mid-thirties – including an increase in miscarriages. It’s important that pregnant women over this age receive the right medical advice.

It’s also not rare for some women in their thirties to begin to experience perimenopause, also known as premenopause. Perimenopause is a very personalised experience for each woman, but often includes symptoms such as irregular periods, night sweats, worsening PMS, depression, mood swings and anxiety.


Our thirties can fill us with a brand new bucket of stress in our everyday lives that we are yet to face. We are trying to get our head around more serious relationships and marriages, having babies and starting to pay off mortgages. Not to mention facing the reality of having aging parents. Stress can take over our bodies, prompting migraines, fatigue, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, stomach upset, and even drug or alcohol abuse. Some of the things we can do to alleviate stress is to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle while we are still young.

Thirty and Thriving

Your thirties is all about feeling more comfortable and confident in your own skin. When you turn 30 you will probably start to feel more settled in your career, while you might start building a family too. The changes that start happening in your body as you enter your thirties are simply part of getting older, but by taking true care of your minds and bodies, you’ll have nothing to fear as you open the next chapter in your life.

Keeping your oral health strong into your thirties and beyond

Maintaining a healthy mouth requires more and more care and attention as you get older. Oral health is an integral and important part of one’s overall health and building your brushing and flossing routines can make such a big difference, especially once you pass 30.

Here at Floe, we’re guided by dentists- their recommendations are the backbone of our products. The first step towards taking care of your mouth is finding the right toothpaste; and on that note, let us introduce you to Dawn and Dusk.

  • Dawn – Natural Whitening Toothpaste (75ml)

Our morning toothpaste is designed to whiten using natural ingredients that are kind to your enamel. It contains fluoride (1490ppm) which helps to rebuild the mineral crystals that make up the tooth enamel.

The tube is made from sugarcane instead of petroleum. 8% of the world’s oil is burned to make plastic. By contrast, sugarcane removes CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows. Unlike oil which is localised, sugarcane is grown all over the world supporting a rural, agrarian economy.

  • Dusk – Anti-Cavity Toothpaste (75ml)

Our natural evening toothpaste. Designed to fight against tooth decay and sensitivity.Containing a high concentration of nano-Hydroxyapatite (nHA), it’s complemented with fluoride at a concentration of 1490ppm. Dusk also contains coconut oil – a natural anti-bacterial.

Infused with soothing lavender, it is designed to protect and remineralise your teeth while you sleep. Like Dawn, the tube is made from sugarcane.

As well as our specialist toothpastes, our subscription box comes complete with a Curaprox brush (voted the number one manual toothbrush by dentists), and activated charcoal floss to reach the parts of your mouth brushing can’t. Subscribe to a healthier smile to get that extra confidence boost at 30.

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