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Big presentation at work? Here’s how to prepare yourself mentally and physically

June 22, 2021

While some people relish the feeling of getting ready for a big presentation, for others it doesn’t come naturally. If the mere thought of standing up and presenting to an audience fills you with nerves, you’ll need some strategies to ensure you feel calm and prepared when the big day comes. Put it this way, if you imagine yourself giving a great presentation in advance, your emotions are more likely to settle with confidence and calmness. Apply these steps to prepare for the big day:

Step 1: Prepare as much as you can

Ask a friend or a flatmate if you can rehearse in front of them.If you don’t adequately prepare out loud, no amount of visualisation will get you through the presentation.

Step 2: Build a visual image of the venue and audience

Try talking yourself out of the scary and unfamiliar situation by imagining what your setting will be on the day. Who’s going to be there watching?

Step 3: Find a space to be alone so you can be free from distractions

Picture the morning of your presentation and imagine how you’re going to speak. Mentally imagine the experience as vividly as possible. You can do this by working your five senses.

Step 4: Act calm to feel calm

By now you should be all good to go. Don’t forget to imagine how you want to feel on the day mentally, emotionally and physically. This will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed and will even regulate your breathing too.

Step 5: Don’t get nervous about feeling nervous.

If there are butterflies in your stomach, don’t worry. This is natural and shows you actually care which will help sharpen your thinking, allowing you to reach a higher level of performance.

Step 6: Practice, Practice, Practice.

The more you practice delivering the presentation in your mind, the more confident you will feel on the day. The experience will no longer seem strange.

Don’t forget to go into your presentation with fresh breath!

It’s the morning of your presentation and you’re preoccupied with remembering your lines and preparing mentally. But in all the excitement, don’t forget to clean your teeth! Exuding confidence in front of an audience is all about feeling good within yourself, and fresh breath and a clean mouth are so important for this.

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