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November 19, 2020 4 min read

For something so important to our overall health, maintaining a healthy mouth can easily fall by the wayside for many people. This is what we at Floe have set out to change. Our new subscription box provides all the tools you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy and bright, all while remaining environmentally sustainable. Read on to learn how we’re transforming the way people think about their oral health.


Why are good oral health habits so hard to keep up?

What prompted Will Welton and Javier Navarro - the founders of Floe Oral Care - to launch our new service was the many barriers they saw as preventing people from maintaining good oral health. Most of us have the best intentions when it comes to looking after our mouths - 72% of people in the UK brush twice a day (that’s high, but not high enough as Will and Javier will tell you).

But the way we take care of our oral health is often substandard. We recognised three common problems that people experience in maintaining consistently high oral care standards:

  • Not changing brushes often enough. Experts recommend brushes or brush heads be replaced every three months to remain fully effective - but 4 in 10 of us simply don’t do this.
  • Using poor quality oral care tools. The right toothbrush and toothpaste needn’t cost the earth, but many people suffer from using cheap brushes and pastes lacking fluoride.
  • Flossing too infrequently. Flossing is vital to clearing the plaque from between our teeth and gums where brushing can’t reach - but 33% of people never do it.

Above all, these problems exist because of inconvenience. It’s inconvenient for people to change their brush every 12 weeks, to floss often enough and to replace toothpaste as soon as it runs out. Once taking care of your mouth becomes a hassle, oral care routines can quickly crumble. Through our subscription service, we have solved this problem.


How can Floe boost your oral care routine?

We exist to prove that good habits have a bigger impact on oral health than quick fix gimmicks. Spending hundreds of pounds is pointless unless you put the right habits in place, and yet too often we conflate spending on health with actually becoming healthier.

Floe is a subscription plan delivering a new batch of high standard oral care tools to your door every three months. As featured in Forbes, The Sun, Cosmopolitan and Nature, our service has certainly made a splash since launching in August - especially as people have looked to protect their oral health throughout the pandemic. Here’s what’s in the box:

  • A brand new toothbrush. Made by our Swiss partners Curaprox, the brush’s 5460 bristles (vs. the 800 standard for conventional brushes) promise unbeatable coverage.
  • Two specialist fluoride toothpastes. Scientifically formulated, our Dawn toothpaste naturally brightens your smile in the morning, while our Dusk paste gets to work fighting tooth decay and sensitivity in the evening.
  • Natural floss. Our floss is made of bamboo charcoal fibres, coated with candelilla wax and organic peppermint oil. It helps you reach the 40% of your teeth’s surface that brushing can’t.

The transformative part of our subscription plan isn’t the products themselves. Although perfectly designed with a high quality look and feel, it is the simplicity of the service itself which makes it a must for anyone looking to take their oral care to another level.

Our mission statement is to help people build, maintain and strengthen rock solid oral care routines to benefit their overall health. Applying small marginal gains like flossing daily and replacing your toothbrush at the right interval will start to compound, positively.

We deliver every three months like clockwork, to make these routines automatic. Our box removes the obstacle of having to go out to buy a new toothbrush or floss every three months - which has a powerful impact on our ability to take oral care more seriously. Sound simple? It is.


A sustainable edge

As if all that weren’t enough, our service also has sustainability at its heart - something that is now important to millions of people in the UK.

Key to this is a recycling service for our products - which we provide at no extra cost. Toothbrushes typically can’t be put in household recycling, but we have partnered with a specialist company with the machinery to separate the plastic components of toothbrushes, enabling them to be recycled correctly. Simply post your used products back to us and we’ll handle the rest.

Great care has been taken over the materials used for our other products too. Unlike the more prevalent petroleum toothpaste tubes, Floe’s are made from sugarcane - which actually removes CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows. Meanwhile, our bamboo charcoal floss is biodegradable, vegan-friendly and arrives in a handy reusable glass jar.

These are small details helping make a positive difference to the future of disposable oral care products - and an example of the thought that has gone into every aspect of the Floe subscription service. Our plan to improve the UK’s oral health at a net benefit to the planet has certainly captured the imagination so far.

What’s stopping you from joining the oral care revolution too? You can get 50% off your first box by using the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!